State-Based Curriculum Review Project 2.0

ELA / Literacy 2022

March 16th, 30th
April 13th, 27th
May 11th, 25th

Mathematics 2022

March 23rd
April 6th, 20th
May 4th, 18th
June 1st

English Language Proficiency 2022

June 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th
July 6th, 13th


The state-based Curriculum Review Project answers a pressing call from instructors for strong curriculum that reflects the demands of state academic standards. Curriculum resources—often purchased by a program—play a central role in how most instructors organize content and set learning tasks.

Three separate interactive trainings will be offered to states, including the disciplines of: ELA/literacy, Mathematics, and English language proficiency.

Each training series will focus on how to apply research-based curriculum review protocols to curricula in use.

You can sign a team up for one, two, or all three trainings!

The SIA 2.0 project offers a hybrid approach to providing curriculum review training. It includes:


A series of six 2-hour interactive online trainings presented by standards experts in each discipline.


Offline assignments to allow state teams to apply specific lessons from each online training to conduct state‐based curriculum reviews.


Follow‐up remote assistance from an SIA 2.0 trainer with specialized disciplinary expertise to guide and support the state team’s at‐home work.

Benefits of Participating

Access to nationally recognized standards experts who will show you how to use the review protocols with curriculum in use in your state.
Choose curricula that provides ELs access to core academic content through key instructional supports.
Expert coaching assistance throughout the project — both during the virtual training and the at-home work sessions.
Involvement in a small, committed group of participants to share experiences and learn from each other.
Secure standards‐aligned curriculum and know when existing curricula should be replaced, modified or supplemented.
Modular, online trainings that will provide teams with the chance to digest and then apply each aspect of the curriculum alignment procedure.
Support to strategically address your state’s current and long‐range curriculum needs.


"The SIA 2.0 curriculum review activities provided great, user-friendly tools, in-depth training, and connection with many other experts. Each member on the team stated that they discovered so much that they did not know. It has changed the way we look at the materials in our classrooms. The resources will make the process easy to replicate. The most challenging aspect of the project was making sufficient time to do the reviews."


"The curriculum review training prepared us well. Our team feels confident about independently conducting the review and even trying it with the ELA materials, even though we were only trained on the math materials. In partnership with the training, the workbook is clear and usable. "

West Virginia

"This has been a wonderful experience for Team WV! Our team is now extremely well trained to conduct curriculum reviews independently. Our team feels very prepared to be able to train others in our state. We are excited to utilize the curriculum review tool at the state level to analyze future curriculum purchases and enhance the curriculum that we reviewed by providing supplemental resources and delivering a virtual training series. "


"The training was great! We feel very prepared to train others in the state to conduct curriculum reviews. Independently, the respective representatives on our teams were able to determine areas of opportunity for their institutions and become a leader in sharing how to apply the SIA 2.0 curriculum alignment tools to a range of materials. We recommend the curriculum review training and are definitely planning to incorporate it in NV’s online PD curriculum."


"While the process and schedule are challenging, the training provided a solid research base for each dimension's criteria. The training brought us awareness of a lot of best practices for teaching/learning. AZ ultimately learned a lot from this process and would recommend the curriculum training to others. "


"This was an excellent opportunity to see what a really good curriculum could look like and review it against a curriculum that we currently use. It helps instructors see what is missing and could be filled in with other items to support a higher level of engagement with students. The SIA 2.0 general sessions' pace was fast, so we're grateful to have had the opportunity to have an expert coach dedicated to us outside the general sessions throughout the project!"

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